Lata Berkoh in Taman Negara

Your visit to Taman Negara Pahang National Park wouldn’t be complete without exploring Lata Berkoh, especially if you’re staying at Tekoma Resort in Taman Negara. Lata Berkoh is a renowned attraction among tourists, offering a delightful blend of experiences, including river navigation, navigating through rapid streams and rocky terrain, fishing spots, a picturesque waterfall, and a captivating archway of trees. Many tourists also take the chance to enjoy picnics and refreshing swims in the cool waters of Lata Berkoh.

How to Reach Lata Berkoh

To reach Lata Berkoh, the preferred mode of transportation, especially for guests staying at Tekoma Resort in Taman Negara, is the wooden boat ride. While it’s technically accessible through jungle trekking, the trails are quite rugged and challenging for the general public, involving approximately an 8.5km hike to reach Lata Berkoh. Consequently, taking a boat ride has become the primary choice as it significantly shortens the travel time. The journey along Sungai Tahan typically lasts about one hour to reach Lata Berkoh, depending on the river’s water level.

The boat ride is priced at RM240 per boat for up to 4 people. It’s advisable to make an advanced booking to secure your boat, as they tend to get fully booked quickly.

Why You Should Visit Lata Berkoh during your stay with Tekoma Resort

A visit to Lata Berkoh offers a serene and breathtaking view of Mother Nature. As mentioned before, it combines the elements of water, earth, and lush greenery, forming a distinct identity and serving as a prominent landmark for Lata Berkoh.

One of the highlights is the opportunity to explore the majestic tualang tree, adding an exciting dimension to your Lata Berkoh experience. It’s truly an inspiring and invigorating adventure to visit this remarkable place.

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